Lexus is testing waters with both feet

Aston Martin gave us a speedboat concept and Mercedes followed soon after however Lexus might have played the best card yet.

Under no fancy name, Lexus Sport Yacht Concept is a floating masterpiece. The 12.8m concept vessel takes inspiration from LFA and LC 500 sports cars.

The concept was styled by Lexus designers, engineered by the Toyota Marine Department, and built by Marquis Yachts of Pulaski Read more >> 

Montenegro – the undiscovered gem of Adriatic

This year has seen many crazy things come to life. Frose, electric blue wine and Trump. But there was only one country making all the headlines. The undiscovered gem of Adriatic, Montenegro, stole the show and established itself as a must visit land. But was all the hype worth the buzz? Read more >>

New World hour record at the age of 105

Cycling is a tough sport. Being honest, it probably is the toughest sport out there. Cycling is a sport for those wanting a challenge – whether it’s physical or mental one.

What other sport will make you give your best effort for 4 or six hours non stop. Yes, I can’t think of anything either.

But is there a limit on when you should stop?

Most professional cyclists retire before their 40th birthday with very few continuing after. However cycling for your own pleasure after turning the 4th decade is seen as a very acceptable way of staying fit. Read more >>