The sheer pain of climbing Cefn Eglwysilan

Top of Celf Eglwysilan

With just over a year of living in Wales I have picked up few Welsh words and stopped saying ‘Oh, look, a sheep!’. But in that same year I have bought a road bike and learned my way round the valleys. However, despite I do go to certain places rather a lot, I got stuck to riding the same old roads. And that got kinda boring.
Yesterday, as out of blue, have looked at the map wondering what it would be like to ride Mywydd Meio which is close to Pontypridd. Since I don’t climb that side I did dig deeper into Strava and found something even better.
Just East of Pontypridd the Cefn Eglwysilan is located. Nonetheless, it is very close to my firstly intended Mywydd Meio.
Now in order to ride the proper valleys roads it takes a while to plan the ride. Ending up on gravel road would mean a diversion and, most often, there are no diversions on small country lanes.
Since Google Maps and Stava are my great friends at planning the rides it didn’t take long to figure out that riding Cefn Eglwysilan from Nantgarw would be a good challenge.
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