Hotels’ complimentary spin in a Lamborghini

Staying in hotels is not as boring as it used to be. You choose your location, budget and within minutes you will have a confirmation of then booking. But what can make your stake an unforgettable adventure?

Many dream staying at World’s very few 6* hotels, others want gym and swimming pools handy while there’s those eager to get more.

And it’s not a bad to thing to be eager as Waldorf Astoria hotel group might satisfy even the most needy ones. Read more >> 


Montenegro – the undiscovered gem of Adriatic

This year has seen many crazy things come to life. Frose, electric blue wine and Trump. But there was only one country making all the headlines. The undiscovered gem of Adriatic, Montenegro, stole the show and established itself as a must visit land. But was all the hype worth the buzz? Read more >>